UNITED London Metropolitan Youth President Mamun’s father delivers second round of relief

Published: ১৭/০৪/২০

Yasmin Akter, London : The united Kingdom Is la Mejpur, the father of the President of the London Metropolitan Youth, has completed the relief distribution in Sylhet East Gauripur and East Pilonpur Union which will continue to be the last full committee of the Sylhet District Council of the Poor and on behalf of Haji Abdun Noor Miah and his family, the newly elected chairman of the Boaljud Union Council.

On Thursday, haji Rafiq Ahmad, former vice president of Balaganj Upazila B.B.A., and president of Boaljud Union Bangladesh, delivered food aid to the unemployed and needy people at 18 places in East Gauripur and East Pilonpur Union under the supervision of the Siddek Ali Foundation.

The present was Former General Secretary M. Mujibur Rahman, former Joint General Secretary of Balaganj Upazila B.B.B., Nazrul Islam Jitu and Helal Ahmed, Former Pilonpur Union President Abdul Bari, General Secretary Shamim Ahmed, Former Gauripur Union Bangladesh General Secretary Mirja Abdul Bachit, East Gauripur Union Bangladesh Vice President Abdur Rab Siddiqi, Assistant Organizing Secretary Dr. Ainuddin, Balaganj Upazila Youth Leader Mostafa Khan, Balaganj Upazila, President Of The College of Students Azmul Hossain, Former Student Leader Saifur Rahman, Ripon Mia, Red Green Professional Council President, Shahzad Islam Raju, BNP leader Badrul Alam, Yuvaneta Raju Ahmed, Mizan Ahmed, Nasir Ahmed, Student Leader Shahjahan Ghazi, Hussain Ahmed, Abdus Shukur etc.

The distribution of food aid in 54 wards of the six unions in Balaganj district began from Wednesday.

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