Legal Action Bangladesh Next to the Helpless Middle Class

Published: ১২/০৪/২০

News Desk: The Legal Action Bangladesh (LAB) Foundation has distributed a total of 8 kg of food items to the poor middle class people in the society, including rice, pulses, oil, onions, and potatoes, said Mr. Dilhashasan, executive director of the Legal Action Bangladesh (LAB) Foundation, which is the most common problem for middle-class people.

They can’t ask for anything to get their hands on, and none of them come forward to help or help, they are the most vulnerable to the fight for survival, so they are listed on behalf of the organization and food aid is delivered to them in the public eye, he added, ordering all branches of the Legal Action Bangladesh (Lab) Foundation, all branches across the country. It also asks for help by listing these middle class or middle class people, and not taking photos or selfies while providing them.

He specifically urges all the rich people of society to be on the side of the helpless during this great disaster and he thinks that if the people are on the side of the people, we can survive the epidemic. The total support of the programme was Akash Hossain, Samsuddoha Pintu, Mihir Barua, Kamal Hossain and other volunteers.

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