In food crisis, The Artist’s Association stands by the side of the shahnoor

Published: ১০/০৪/২০

People in the country are now in captivity because of the coronavirus. Many have been affected by the lockdown. Many of them have been exposed to food shortages. Even if low income people stood up for relief, the middle class families were left in a state of shock.

Many people could not market because of the lockdown. The list includes the painter Shahnoor. The artist could not market the month due to the lockdown. As a result, the food crisis has hit her home. After receiving the news, the film artist’s association immediately sent the actress’s home with rice, pulses, sugar, oil, soap and other essentials, said Zayed Khan, general secretary of the association.

“Many people were unable to market properly due to the lockdown,” he told reporters. That’s what happened to Shahnoor. We sent the necessary supplies to his house as soon as we found out. We have to stand by ourselves at this time. Shahnoor, meanwhile, said, “I am really surprised by this. I would like to thank the current committee of the Artists Association for standing by during this time of crisis.

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