Alig leader killed in Corona, it was revealed that the test

Published: ১০/০৪/২০

The death of the president and former Upazila chairman of the Awami League in Barguna on Thursday was caused by the presence of the coronavirus, and the freedom fighter commander of the Amtali Upazila, GM Dilwar, 72. It turns out that he died in Corona. On Friday, Amtali Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Shankar Prasad is the master. The administration has put the entire Amtali Upazila on lockdown in the wake of this death.

The health department of Barguna said gm sedition is the first person to be infected with the coronavirus and died of the virus. Gm Dilwar died of a cornavirus infection at his home in Locha village of Amtali Sadar Union at around 11 pm last Thursday. The Upazila administration then put his house on lockdown. Earlier, gm swara, who was treated at the General Hospital in Dhaka, was diagnosed with the disease of the coronavirus last Wednesday. He was taken to the hospital and sent for examination.

But he died before the report came in. A day after GM’s death, the report of his corona test came in at 2 pm today in the city of Muzaffarnagar. It was mentioned that he was a corona positive. According to family sources in GM Dilwar, he had been suffering from fever for 8-10 days. He was at the doctor’s door. He was 72 years old when he died.

Dr. Singh, a civil surgeon at Barguna, said that the government is not going to Humayun Shahin Khan said that samples of GM Dhul were collected and sent to IEDCR in Mahakhali, Dhaka. Today, the report came to the notice of the police and it was stated that he was a corona positive. “We have put the gm sedition home on lockdown after receiving the news of the death of the coronavirus,” said Mustafa Billah, district administrator of Barguna. Besides, his funeral and burial were done in accordance with the directions of the Health Department.


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