Mother drove 1400 km scooty to bring son back home

Published: ১০/০৪/২০

Afemale teacher from Nizamabad, Telangana, is in the limelight due to her courageous work amidst strict lockdown implemented in the state. Razia Begum, who teaches at a school in Bodhan, Nizamabad, got out of her scooty to bring her son trapped in Nellore in Andhra Pradesh back home. After covering a distance of about 1400 km from Scooty, she finally managed to get her son back home.

Razia took permission from the police to get out in lockdown. He had to stay at many places on the way till he reached Nellore. During this time, he decided to travel to Nellore by converting the local authorities. He said that it was not easy for him. The case is such that Razia’s son Nizamuddin studies in a coaching institute in Hyderabad. He is an intermediate student. Last month, a friend of Nizamuddin Nellore came to Bodhan with his friend.

During this time, Nizamuddin’s friend got the news that his father was not well. As soon as the information was received, on 12 March Nizamuddin left Nellore with his friend. Meanwhile, he could not return home after the lockdown was imposed in view of the Corona epidemic. Unable to find a way to return the son from Nellore, Razia contacted Bodhan’s ACP and told him the whole thing.

After taking permission from the police, Razia decided to go to Nellore from her scooty. She reached Nellore on 7 April. She immediately left with Nizamuddin and returned to Bodhan on April 8. During this, Razia covered a distance of about 1400 km from Scooty. Razia said that while going to Nellore, she also used the forest paths. While doing this, he was not afraid of anything. He said that the only thought in mind was that he had to bring his son back.


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