Tourists in Kuakata zero due to Corona virus

Published: ৩১/০৩/২০

Uttam Kumar Howladar, Kuakata: No tourist’s walk is in the long beach of the tourist destination of Kuakata. There is silence. Tour operators including hotel motel traders are passing through idle times. Tourism-oriented traders are facing huge economic losses. And the unemployed are low-income people. There’s no tourist noise. No lighting. The ever-present Kuakata beach is now being viewed by the deadly Corona virus.

Meanwhile, the fishermen of the peninsula are also affected by the Corona virus. Fish prices have fallen due to the consumer crisis, even though fishing is not banned at sea. The marketers can’t. Most fishermen have stopped fishing at sea without government instructions. Hundreds of workers and fishermen have been unemployed as a result of this, said Ansaruddin Mollah, president of the Kuakata Alipur Fish Society.

According to local sources, the Tourist Police banned the movement of tourists to the beach in Kuakata on March 18 on the orders of the district administration of the district of Kuakata. All entertainment centers including residential hotel motels have been closed. To avoid the Corona virus, the visitors have been miking to return home to different beach points. All the shops on the beach have been evacuated. Food restaurants including hotels and motels are closed due to indefinite travel restrictions on tourist travel. Though two tea shops are open, the country has been locked down since March 26.

Ziaur Rahman Sheikh, owner of the residential hotel beach, said that our hotel was closed following the direction of the Upzel administration. Hotel staff have been given leave until the situation of the Corona virus is normal. Ruman Imtiaz Snow, president of the Kuakata Tour Operators Association, said that the corona virus has caused damage to the tourist-oriented traders. Tourist guides, tourism-based small traders and tour operators have suffered the most.

He said that people on low income dependon on tourists will run the world because they are in active work and they are worried about how they are doing. Motaleb Sharif, general secretary of the Kuakata Hotel-Motel Owners Association, said that after receiving instructions from the District Administration and the Tourist Police, all residential hotels were closed.

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