Srilekha’s name is a complaint to police for feeding dog after half-pants

Published: ২৯/০৩/২০

Actress Srilekha Mitra lives in an elite flat in Behala, Kolkata. It was November last year. He was a sight to the residents of his complex as he sheltered some of the sick dogs in his luxury flat. He’s a idiot! He had to listen a lot. This time, not just in words, srilekha has been put on trial by his opponents. Because despite the national lockdown in the country, Srilekha went out of the house, got in touch with the dogs.

Sri Lanka is not known to anyone as a dog. He was worried about how to get their food in the lockdown situation. The actress then took over the food-based burden of her own. He has given food to several dogs in the vicinity. He has dropped the pre-rash from his food list. You’re eating noodles yourself. But the street dogs are not intheituated. He was very upset when he went to feed the dogs on the street.

He had to listen to the rude comments from the residents of the house for the clothes. “Why did you go to the street after half-pants?” asked the neighbors. They even got into the police gates. It’s not over here. Srilekha Mitra told Indian media that he also received a facebook video yesterday that drew numerous harsh comments! In the video, the actress is heard with a hand-held hand saying, “Let me see who comes to stop me! When you stop, you’re gonna kill you. And that’s what makes the noise.

Why would he say this with a hand-to-hand gun? The residents of the residence have been called to the police gates. Srilekha said, “They thought a funny video was a threat! The police have already arrived and directed the security guard of the residence to prevent the dogs from entering the street. Who am I living in? I’m surprised.

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