PM seeks list of distressed people to provide govt assistance

Published: ২৯/০৩/২০

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday asked the officials concerned to prepare a list of distressed people for providing government assistance so that they could face the tough time evolved over coronavirus pandemic. “I ask the officials concerned to prepare a list of distressed people and day-labourers…we’ve to think about these section of people… we’ve to provide food items to them,” she said, reports UNB.

The Prime Minister said this while taking financial assistance from various public and private organisations for PM’s Relief and Welfare Fund and 20,000 pieces of PPE for the treatment of coronavirus patients. She delivered her speech from her official residence Ganobhaban through a videoconference while Principal Secretary Dr Ahmad Kaikaus received the cheques and the PPE on behalf of her at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Sheikh Hasina said that it is very much important to provide food items to those who live hand to mouth. “We’ve to arrange protection for those people also.” She mentioned that it would not be wise only to restrict this section of people from going outside. “Instead, their food and livelihood have to be ensured. We’re a victorious nation…I believe we’ve the courage and strength to face any sort of disaster and calamities.”

Hasina also said Bangalees were never defeated. “And we’ll never be defeated…all have to step forward with this self-confidence.”  She urged all not to be worried and get prepared to face this situation. “We’ve to maintain that system…so we could protect all people of the country.”  The Prime Minister again urged all not to leave an inch of land from cultivation as there might be scarcity of food around the world due to this situation. “We’ve fertile lands…we’ve industrious  people, this is our strength, we can help others if we can produce extra food.”

Hasina mentioned that  the country has enough food stock and there will be no problem for the country in the next one year. At present, he said, a horrible situation is prevailing in the world due to the spreading of the coronavirus.She briefly described various steps of the government to protect the country and its people from the very beginning of the spreading of this virus in China. “We’ve taken various steps very judiciously whenever it was needed… the government has taken steps to minimise the losses due to this virus,” she said.

Hasina put emphasis on protection of doctors, nurses and other related people who are providing healthcare in the hospitals. “We’ve to protect them.. we’ve to provide PPE to all who’re providing medicare in hospitals,” she said. About seeking assistance from various countries of the world from Bangladesh, she said the government will provide help on humanitarian ground.


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