Shame you are a 1st class officer of Bangladesh

Published: ২৯/০৩/২০

Yasmin Akter, from London: Yes, you are the shame! Shame, shame and hatred of millions of people all over Bangladesh, this shame is Miss Sayema Hasan. He could not be a human being.

On the one hand, the plague is said to be the death of hundreds of fresh souls, hundreds of doctors in the service of humanity. Medical doctors are constantly giving their lives to the people affected by the disease in the country, even after knowing the guarantee of death and the severity of death. At the same time, he showed the world his special powers by insulting and insulting the poor people by not trying to keep them safe by putting food in their mouths.

She is not a woman of great women, sayema Hassan, a special official in Bangladesh. The name of which is associated with the Assistant Commissioner (Land). He is the shame who shows what humanity says. What is responsibility and humanity? How to abuse it after being appointed? The name of humanity is just a shame to the world. Shame and hatred.

He is now the face of the shame of the man who has not found a place to hide his face in praise of humanity, with the social media, facebook, and the news media. Was it his main purpose to be the storm of criticism and the headlines of various newspapers? Please request that the journalist and sister who are near him know his intentions through an exclusive interview.

Who can not do so to achieve such evil motives, but to keep his father’s age, his food, and his ears open to the simple and the simple? Although there are many shameless people in Bangladesh who need to be brought to the media and put in line with shame. They have discovered themselves as shame, and they are not ashamed of themselves, but they will have their faces exposed to the world.

Finally, I’m telling you-
I urge you to be on the side of the helpless people without preaching in such a wicked and cursed way that Ms. Sayema Hasan and others in society are aware of the evil motives. You will be rewarded by the world, not by the world.

Be human, avoid the evil motives of being unjustly oppressed by the oppressed. Even if your father’s age has forgiven you, you will be a shame and a shame to millions of people, that is your achievement from your education. Remember, this land is not your father’s land – the people, the old people.

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