Distribution of masks to doctors and media workers in Kalapara

Published: ২৮/০৩/২০

The doctors, staff, cebeca and the suipers of The Kalapara Upazila Health Complex in Thedistrict have been given masks. On Saturday afternoon, the private company Pathway distributed these. Pathway representative journalist Uttam Kumar Hauladar Upazila, Health and Family Planning Officer (UHFPO), handed over the masks to Chinmay Hawaladar.

At this time, the Residential Medical Officer (RMO) of Upazila Health Complex, J.H. Khan Leline, President of Kalapara College, Mo.Humayun Kabir, General Secretary S.M. Mosaref Hossain, Kalapara Reporters Union, Reporters Club, Bangladesh Mofsal Journalists Forum Media workers were present. The newsmen were also given masks from the pathway.

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