Legal Action Bangladesh stands next to helpless and low income people

Published: ২৮/০৩/২০

To raise awareness about the prevention of the Corona virus, the Legal Action Bangladesh (LAB) distributed leaflets on the issue of the common low-income people and poor in the capital, about 500 masks, hand wass, hand sanitizers, hand gloves and awareness leaflets. It is done and the market is requested to keep the prices of essential commodities high and to keep a close eye on poor buyers.

Mr. Heart Hasan, executive director of the organization, said, “We are asking people to stay home and to be safe for those who have been forced out for life so we are trying to help them a little. He also said all the rich in society should stand by them now because they are safe and secure. Otherwise, they will not be able to stay at home or keep their country safe. So they need to arrange 15 days of food and keep them home to keep them safe.

We’re trying to do more, but we can’t do everything by this so everyone has to come forward. He also said that if everyone donates the same amount of money as the one-day salary of the employees of the private sector, it is not impossible to support the poor. He urged everyone to come forward.

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