Corona scare: Dhaka nearly falls silent

Published: ২৭/০৩/২০

As the government-declared 10-day general holiday started on Thursday and a large number of people left the capital amid the growing fear of coronavirus, Dhaka city wore a complete deserted look with only police and army personnel patrolling around, reports UNB. The government on Monday declared general holidays from March 26 to April 4, aiming to prevent the transmission of deadly coronavirus.

Only a few people were seen at kitchen markets, food shops, pharmacies, hospitals as all these emergency services have been kept out of the purview of the general holidays. Coronavirus scare and the long office closure prompted many city dwellers to leave the capital ahead of suspension of bus, train and launce services suspension.

People are staying homes as members of the Armed Forces started their fieldwork in the capital and elsewhere in the country on Wednesday morning to help the civil administration ensure that people maintain social distancing and coronavirus suspects remain in quarantine to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Besides, the busiest place of the city Kamalapur Railway Station, Sadarghat Launch Terminal and bus terminals were also seen empty.

However, trucks, covered vans and other vehicles are carrying fuel, emergency services and perishable goods as those were kept out of the purview of the transport lockdown. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday termed the fight against coronavirus a “war” and urged people to stay at their homes to discharge their responsibilities at critical time. The Prime Minister made the plea while addressing the nation in the evening on the occasion of the Independence and National Day 2020.

The death toll from the coronavirus or COVID-19 has jumped to 21,283 globally as of Thursday. It has so far infected 471,053 people around the world, according to worldometer. Bangladesh has so far reported five deaths from the coronavirus. Besides, 27 patients are currently under treatment in the country while seven others have already made recovery.


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