Gamiretala Iron Bridge destroyed in Kalapara

Published: ২৫/০৩/২০

The Gamirtla Iron Bridge in Kalapara, The Capital of the State of The San Heissed, was destroyed. Three people were injured when they fell into the canal. They were given first aid. The bridge collapsed on the Birdmara Canal in the Nilganj Union of the district on Wednesday morning. As a result, at least 11 villages on both sides have suffered extreme hardships. After this incident, the chairman of the district, S M Rabibul Ahsan, the women’s vice chairman Shahina Parvin Sima and the Upazila Executive Officer Abu Hasnat Mohammad Shahidul Haque visited the site.

According to witnesses and local sources, the bridge was built by lgED in the year 1994-95. It was then that the charges of poor quality and iron structure were made. The bridge was crossed by the vegetable farmers including Majidpur, Kumirmara, Bintala, Alempur, Eastsontala, Faridganj, Gamirtla, Gutabacha, Namatpur, Islampur and Nawavanga. About 60% of the students of Gamirtla Government Primary School and Faridganj Secondary School would have crossed the bridge. People in the village are demanding the construction of the bridge.

The village resident, Amir Miya, said that when he heard a spring in the morning, he went to the canal and found that 80 percent of the bridge had been submerged under water. At this time, Russell, Asadul and Yamin, 8th graders were injured. He told reporters that the tragedy of the people of several villages, including vegetable farmers, has increased when the bridge collapsed. Dilbir Hossain, deputy assistant engineer of LGED Kalapara, said the 88-meter long iron bridge at Gamairtala was already in danger. The senior authorities have been informed of the repairs.

The danger was earlier abandoned, said Abu Hasnat Mohammad Shahidul Haque, the deputy executive officer. I went to the scene when I heard about the bridge collapse. However, there was no major accident in the school closed-off. A letter has been sent to the concerned office for the construction of the bridge. He said he was waiting for approval.

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