Corona: The business is closed in Kalapara

Published: ২৫/০৩/২০

Don’t panic the country. As a result, all flexi load shops will be closed in kalapara in the city of Muzaffarnagar till April 5. The Flexi Load store in the municipal city has been closed since Wednesday morning. However, local administration, media workers, health workers are ready to provide flexiload to the special arrangements. That’s what Flexi Load traders have reported.

On Wednesday morning, all the shops in the city’s Flexi Load were closed. There’s no one on the street. Not only flexi load shops, but all kinds of businesses are closed on the orders of the administration. The whole city is in silence. The road was also seen to be empty as the administration banned all passenger transport on the internal route. Only pharmacies, some shops in the market, are open but the presence of buyers is zero at once.

“Our business has been shut down by the direction of the Kalapara Business Association, as the country is affected by the Corona virus,” said Rehanuddin Rehan, current fashion owner. “No one knows who carries the Karna virus,” said Devashis Mukherjee, president of the Municipal City Mobile Flexi Load Business Association. Everyone comes to the shops in the city for flexiload. The crowd has grown over the last two days. If someone has a corona virus, it is likely to be infected. That’s why the flexiload has been stopped thinking about the public interest. The service will be resumed if the situation improves.

“All transport slot in the distance due to the incident, passenger transport of the internal route, autorickshaws that are running in Kalapara Municipal City, Ezibike have been asked to remain closed until further notice,” said Abu Hasnat Mohammad Shahidul Haque, The Kalapara Upazila Executive Officer (UNO).

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