Govt is ready to tackle any ‘tough situation’ for coronavirus: PM

Published: ২৫/০৩/২০

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said her government was prepared to tackle any “tough situation” in view of the global coronavirus pandemic and simultaneously expressed her firm determination to win the war against the deadly virus, reports BSS. “Uncertainty now gripped the entire world (due to COVID-19) but our government is prepared to face any tough situation,” she said in her nationwide address on the eve of the Independence and National Day 2020 this evening.

The premier added: “We triumphed in the 1971 Liberation War in combating enemies shoulder to shoulder . . . facing this deadly disease is another war.” Sheikh Hasina said staying indoors at home was the main means to win the war against COVID-19 adding “your awareness will keep you, your family and the people of the country protected”. “Stay indoors in your respective homes, keep well, healthy and safe, may Allah the great help us,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said preventing people from being infected with the virus was now her government’s “topmost priority” as she detailed the series of nationwide steps to prevent the spread of the diseases adding “I, myself, kept a watch on the situation round the clock”. She said disasters often appear to test humanity in people and this is the time for extending help to each other to manifest one’s humanity and urged all to be tolerant and sensitive. “This is a time for practicing austerity. don’t buy anything beyond minimal necessity. Do not stockpile goods. Give scopes to people with limited income to purchase their essentials,” Sheikh Hasina said.

The premier simultaneously asked businessmen not to take advantage of the crisis saying arrangements were afoot for monitoring markets everywhere while currently there was no shortage of goods in the market. “The supply chains (of products) in the country and with outside world remain intact. So don’t hike the prices of the essential goods irrationally and increase the sufferings of the people,” she said.  Sheikh Hasina said the country was currently self-reliant in food as sufficient grains were now stored in government warehouses, private mills and in the farmers homes.

Moreover, she said, the country this year witnessed bumper production of transplantation Aman (T-Aman) and the volume of food grains stock is over 17 lakh tonnes in government warehouses alone. “The country witnessed bumper production of potato, onion, chilli and wheat this season as well,” she said but urged farmers to keep no land fallow. “It’s my request to my peasant brothers not to keep unutilized any land, and produce more food grains,” she said.

In her 23-minute speech, the premier said the Bengalis are a brave nation which tackled various disasters and crisis together in the past while being a government of the people “we always stay beside them”.  “With united efforts of all we’ll also be victorious in this war against the coronavirus Insha Allah.”

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