1 more killed in Corona, 6 new victims

Published: ২৪/০৩/২০

Another person died of a cornvirus infection in the country. The death toll in the deadly virus rose to four. Professor Dr. Mirzadi Sabrina Flora, Director, Institute of Disease Control and Research (IEDCR), the Health Department, reported this information. At a regular news briefing on The Coronavirus on Tuesday (March 24), he said they have identified six new cases of corona infection schitoon stoics in different parts of the country. The country now has 39 cases of the virus.

Sabrina Flora said 40 people in the country suspected of being in the country and 46 in the institutional quarantine. He said the government’s decision to take a 10-day mandatory leave from March 26 will play a role in combating the coronavirus. Earlier on Monday, IEDCR said that the corona virus was detected in 33 people in the country. Three of them died. Five and 25 people are recovering.


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