The government has hidden many things about coronavirus: Rizvi

Published: ২৩/০৩/২০

Senior Joint Secretary General of bangladesh Ruhul Kabir Uddin said that the Awami League government has done a lot of hiding without taking appropriate steps to prevent the deadly coronavirus. He said the mPs and ministers of the government are saying they are stronger than the corona! They didn’t do anything for people. They are powerful in pushing people to disaster. It is powerful in lying and pushing. They are powerful in pushing people to death. They are not strong enough to deal with the human disaster at the right time. So those who are not elected to vote cannot take good steps for the people.

He spoke at the distribution of masks and sanitizers to prevent the Corona virus in front of the central office of the Bangladesh Government in Nayapolton on Monday morning. These materials are distributed free of cost by the Doctors Association of Bangladesh (DAB) in Dhaka Mahanagar North. Senior Joint Secretary General of Bangladesh Ruhul Kabir’s office handed over masks and hand sanitizers to the passersby who were travelling on the road. At this time, the minister said, “We are going through a period of transition. BNP works for people, works for the people, stands by them as much as possible in this disaster and as much as possible – it is the main goal of the BNP formation.

Criticizing the government, the minister said, “We think they did not fulfill the responsibility of the government to deal with this disaster.” The opportunity to come to a great calamity has been created because he did not follow. The government has hidden many things. Doctors can’t determine which pneumonia, which is not a positive. Because they didn’t take that preparation. Millions of people have entered the country through different sea ports and airports because of the government’s busy work. They needed to identify the corona at that time, they didn’t.

The leader of the Bnp said, “What is the government doing now? He says with a seal in his hand- Self Quarantine. Have you heard of this in any country in the world, like a seal of self-quarantine? It didn’t happen in any country. The seal is rising in one bath. He said the patient will be at home in self-quarantine. Then the other members of the family will be affected, the patient’s siblings, his relatives will be affected. When they come to the market, people will be inaction. The government has identified such irresponsibleness.

At this time, the President of Dab, Professor Dr Haroon Al Rashid, President of Dhaka North Dab, Dr. Sarkar Mahbub Ahmed Shamim, President of private dental and medical college students, Rakibul Islam Akash, and other senior officials were present. The president himself on foot distributed public awareness leaflets titled ‘The Work of the People’ and ‘Sanitizer’ and ‘Coronavirus’ among the rickshaw-bearers, the pedestrians and the general public.

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