Sharmin Lina receives Global Youth Summit in Australia

Published: ২৩/০৩/২০

NTV’s Sharmin Linna received the award on the Reducing Road Traffic Noise Pollution in Dhaka through Sustainable Planning Approach. The three-day Global Youth Summit, which began on January 5, ended on January 22, with 25 young talent representatives from different countries joined this program. This year’s Global Youth Summit is aimed at enhancing networking led by youth, safe drinking water and protecting the natural environment.

Its purpose is to empower young people through environmentalists, academics, entrepreneurs and researchers and protect the natural environment locally and internationally. To solve the problem so that the young society can cope with the coming problems under the supervision of environmentalists, academics, entrepreneurs, researchers from different countries. Sharmin Nahar Lina immediately presented and discussed how to prevent noise pollution. By way of proper presentation, the solution for noise pollution came out. The award was given by the authorities for this beautiful presentation.

In the context of the award, Sharmin Nahar Lina told NTV Online that the Youth Summit from different countries of the world participated. The current issues of the world represent a number of issues. Because of the noise pollution in Dhaka is increasing day by day. I love the lovely presentation guests. I will try to work out how to prevent noise pollution in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In that case, I am working with young people in beautiful Bangladesh.

Sharmin Nahar Lina is the daughter of Magura. Prior to this, she attended various international conferences in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand and Maldives. After earning her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Bengali literature from Jahangirnagar University, she developed her career as a news presenter.

She also has seven years of teaching experience at Bangladesh International School and College. She is currently the Executive Advisor on Social Change for Development (SCD). Private readers of NTV, a popular private channel of Bangladesh. She also served as the Overseas Communications Officer of SN Builders Group of Companies.

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