The army has been deployed in Bangladesh since Tuesday

Published: ২৩/০৩/২০

Armed forces will be deployed from tomorrow (Tuesday) as a precautionary measure to ensure social distance and prevent the spread of the coronavirus across the country. They will be engaged in assisting the district magistrate. Cabinet Secretary, Maulana Anwarul Islam, informed this at an emergency briefing at the Secretariat on The Coronavirus on Monday afternoon.

The general holiday has been announced till April 4. It said all public services except police and hospitals would be closed. The Cabinet Secretary said that the government holiday on March 26 is the 27-28th weekend. The general holiday is also being announced from April 29 to 2. There is a weekend from April 3-4. But the drug store, the raw market will be open.

Cabinet Secretary, Maulana Anwarul Islam, Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Senior Secretary of the Department of Public Safety, Secretary of The Department of Health Health, Information Secretary, Principal Staff Officer, Chief Information Officer (PIO) at the briefing. He was.

Last December, the global epidemic of the global lyonvirus, the Uhan in China, spread. The virus has affected nearly 300,000 people worldwide so far. More than 15,000 people died. In addition, about 99,000 people have returned home after treatment. In Bangladesh, three people have died of the disease so far. 33 people were injured.

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