Saudi Basmah kidnapped by Princess Basmah

Published: ২৩/০৩/২০

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is reported to have kidnapped his cousin Princess Basmah binte Saud bin Abdul Aziz. Basmah has been missing since bin Salman launched a crackdown on his critics in the royal family more than a year ago.

According to the Middle East Mirror, a Middle East media outlet, which is known as one of the most critical critics of the royal family, Wasmah was kidnapped in February last year. He has been in prison in Al-Hayar, Saudi Arabia since then.

The magazine recently published a video captured on CCTV cameras that apparently sat outside an elevator at The Basmah palace in Jeddah. The video, recorded on February 28 last year, shows a group of eight men attacking the palace and trying to cover or disable the cctv cameras.

Basmah was detained in the 108th cell of Al-Hayar prison since February 2019, the newspaper reported. Family members get the chance to meet him mainly once a week. However, family members do not know exactly when he will be released.

Prince Salman, 56, was kidnapped by Prince Salman on suspicion that she could escape the country with her daughter. The report claims that he was originally trying to go to Switzerland for medical treatment.

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