Soap and mask distributed to 500 people in Corona Awareness

Published: ২৩/০৩/২০

The Green Environment Movement, an organization that distributes mask and hand washing soap to 500 people in Saturia Upazila, Manikpur. On Sunday afternoon, the Green Environment Movement, which is among the 500 people who have benefited from the spread of the corona virus, was given to the general secretary of the district of Manikpur. These masks and soaps were distributed by The King of The World, Razak Hossain Raj.

The distribution of masks and soaps was inaugurated by senior ASP Vaskar Saha of the Manikpur Sadar Circle. The present was Saturia Tantra’s acting officer (OC) Matiar Rahman, former legal secretary of the Central Committee of the State. Media workers working in Saturia Upazila, including Mizanur Rahman Rubel, members of the Green Environment Movement, were present at the time.

In this time, there is a general public perception of the need to create awareness against the corona. Organizer Mo. “We try to stand by the people who are deprived of the benefits at various times through the Green Environment Movement,” said Razak Hossain Raj. This is part of the program. This is our initiative for those who find it difficult to buy masks and hand washing soaps. He said that the activities will continue in the future.

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