Jhenaidah selling goods at high prices fined 20 Establishments

Published: ২৩/০৩/২০

The court has fined 20 businesses Rs 120,000 for various offences including selling goods at high prices, not selling them, and not selling them. The raids were carried out in various districts including Shilcupa, Sadar, Hirakundu and the district from Sunday morning till noon.

District Administrator Saroz Kumar Nath said that 10 teams of the Mobile Court raided the premises of the mobile court after the news that some traders were selling the products at a higher price including chawls, onions and other commodities, in various markets and businesses.

At present, 60,000 in 6 institutions in the Market of Shilcooper Hatfazilpur, 10,000 in 1 staat market, Tk 10,000 in 12 institutions in Garaganj market, Tk. 10,000 in 5 institutions in Sadar’s New Hatkhola and Hatgopalpur market, 33,200, and total 20 companies including Tk. 120,000 Fines. He also said that the operation will continue.

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